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About Vegan Rob's Token [VRT]

Bridging the gap between snacks and Blockchain

Vegan Rob’s Coin is a cryptocurrency developed by the Vegan Rob’s Snacks brand, which is a maker of chips and puffs sold nationwide.The Vegan Rob’s Token crypto currency project is a brand pursuit of the Vegan Rob’s Snacks company aimed at tackling the world hunger issue.

We live for getting healthy vegan snacks to the public and look to improve the world by providing access, investing energy, and infusing crypto/blockchain technologies into a solution for the monumental food crisies across the globe. We know this is only a small part of a solution, but we ask you to come along with us on our journey towards making the world even a little bit better.


Rob Ehrlich, the originator and founder of Pirate's Booty, is the founder of Vegan Rob's Snacks. He has been an innovator in the snack industry for decades. Rob started Vegan Rob's Token along with his sons, Sam and Harry, to bridge the gap between snacks and crypto.

Rob loves creating enriching communities and he can't wait to innovate together with all the holders of the token!

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Our mission is to “Get healthy Vegan food to those who need it”. Eating clean for a new world.

VRT Roadmap 2022

Our vision to do so is to use web3 and blockchain technologies, to distribute our health-conscious, high quality snacks through charitable partners serving targeted regions and communities in need.

VRT Roadmap 2022

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